PostColonial BNW

        The story of this new world written by Aldous Huxley explores lots of different views, societies, and cultures. Answering through a postcolonial literary lens Huxley does several things. I believe that the story and this author is more of a colonial and traditional person as opposed to post. Several times within the story he inquires instances that relate to some form of Shakespearian literature. Shakespeare is widely looked at within the book as several character refer to its plots as an alternate way of life. The tales within it is evidence of a different society since the great change. Looking from the perspective of a Native American, the story in my opinion constantly criticizes the ways and traditions that the tribe Leninia went to. Just as in recent history, these natives are not given the respect nor the general idea of not judging. This new society has people so one dimensional that they dont realize these ways have brought the country to where it is now. The only positive thing that a Native could be happy about would simply be the fact that the ways and traditions still live and they survived.

A Satire on Binary Thinking Response

         Satires can have several definitions as they may related to different things. The essay clearly distinguishes the difference between normal ones and the ones Toni Morrison used in Sula. As stated in the opening paragraph the story has been characterized as a “black waman’s epic”, a study of “female friendship”, an “antiwar novel”. The shows us that the story can be interpretated in so many different ways causing us to become binary thinkers. The article states and relates Morrison’s logic in comparison to others such as when she said,” I don’t want to give my readers something to swallow. I want to give them something to feel and think about”.

         This article clearly explain the racial slurs and saying about white and black. The fact that if a black woman slept with a whiteman was considered sacred, shows how they feel toward each other. “Nigger Jokers” were also made constantly throughtout the story. It was also ironic that Sula and Nel came out to be similar becuase just as Sula watched her mom burn, Nel watch Chickelittle drown. The story is very controversial and an be talked about in different ways.


               Hi, my name is Rashad Canty. I am enrolled in Mr. Antonetti’s 4th period class at Riverdale High School. For his class I am in his AP Lit class which is a college level course. I am not a big reader but lately I have found somewhat of an intrest in it. This class will not only prepare me for college but it can count as a credit towards it.  I currently have 11 Full Ride Scholarship offers for Football.

             Who is Rashad Canty? Well, I’m tall, actually about 6 foot 3 inches, and I am athletic. I play lots of sports but my main one is football. To me it is the greatest game ever create and its value is not comparable to. I love it becuase it is the ultimate team sport and it teaches you plenty of life lessons. I also like playing video games primarily Call Of Duty and NCAA. As for TV shows i like to watch “In Living Color and Martin”. I know they are a little old but I still like them.  If you want to know anything specific just comment and I may be able to answer it.